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J-Bay Surf Lessons & Surf School

Learn to surf in Jeffreys Bay

Jeffreys Bay, or J-Bay, is world famous for one thing...SURFING! Most of the attention is on the right-handers spinning along the rocky point of Supertubes, but J-Bay also offers excellent sand-bottom beaches that are well protected and ideal for learning to surf.

Our surf school is run by the very experienced Andrew Moon, founder and head coach of Wavecrest Surf School, who have been getting people into the waves since 2002. Lessons take place on Dolphin Beach at 10am each morning, lasting two hours. Jeffrey's Bay has beautiful nature, and while enjoying your lesson there is a good chance to see the dolphin's swim by and catch a few waves. Show offs!

The afternoons are spent 'free-surfing' on the beachbreaks in front of your accommodation, Ubuntu, right next to Supertubes, and practicing what you learned in the morning. Evenings we have big-screen surf movies, a chillout bar overlooking the waves to relax, play pool and swap tales of the surf.

During your stay you have the opportunity to visit a surfboard shaper, check out the Jeffreys Bay Surf Museum, buy super cheap surf gear at the Billabong Factory Shop, and have the truly special experience of playing with lion cubs at a nearby sanctuary.

All lessons are two hours in duration, and include all instruction, equipment and good times ;)

*Surf Lessons are a set price of R200/ 2hr lesson. For accommodation + surf lesson combo packages please email us with your details and requirements and we'll put together a customised Surf Camp experience for you.

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